Do you have an HR capacity constraint? Are you a start up company who needs support in HR Management? Are you an internationally focused organization with a need for international HR expertise? Is your company undergoing a substantial change? – if that is the case, I am your competent and reliable HR partner.

My Services – Your added Value

I support you with my sound expertise and working experience, which includes a major part of the value chain of a modern, opesrative and strategic HR Management and I am at your disposal for a wide spectrum of HR Management related services. This can be anything starting from short-term or long-term commitments, new projects, complete concepts or just providing support with regard to development of a simple policy or writing of reference letters. You book me depending on your task – flexible and individual.

I help you to overcome capacity constraints and/or provide you with professional resources for specific HR topics and projects:

  • Overcome planned or unforeseen capacity constraints due to long term absences such as maternity leave, sickness, sabbatical, etc.
  • Increase of resources. For example for the implementation of a new project, etc.
  • Leading your HR Department in order to secure the operative HR business for a specific period of time (for positions such as Head HR, HR Manager, HR Business Partner, etc.).
  • Supporting recruitment of employees and board members and on boarding of talent by acting as a Recruitment professional for a specific period of time.
  • Supporting in the downsizing or restructuring of your organization.

With the increased freedom of movement and mobility of individuals across boarders the complexity of Swiss legal immigration requirements is increasing and poses huge challenges for companies who have an immense need for international staff. With my extensive experience and knowledge of having worked in an international environment, I support you with the following services:

  • Consulting with respect to working permits for international hires from EU and non-EU countries in order to ensure a smooth an efficient hiring and on-boarding of new staff.
  • Consulting with respect to freelance hires and temporary employment (legal requirements and possibilities) from CH, EU and non-EU countries
  • Relocation Services: consulting and involvement of my partnering company for international employees with respect to orientation visits, home search, registration with authorities, move, property search, school search, cultural information, etc.

Nowadays, HR Departments are exposed to continuous change in order to meet the increasing requirements of various stakeholders. New technical possibilities allow for more efficient work which need to be integrated. I support you in setting up or further developing your HR Department:

  • Analyse the actual situation/needs
  • Design and build a state of the art HR infrastructure resp. HR department from scratch
  • Develop an appropriate HR Strategy deriving from the company’s strategy
  • Design an efficient organisational structure and support to create a motivated and cohesive company culture
  • Develop and implement important and standardized HR key processes, policies and procedures, for example: entry process, on boarding process, recruitment process, compensation&benefits program, company values, performance management concept, recruitment process, etc.)
  • Develop and review the value chain of a state-of-the art HR.  This includes but is not limited to e.g. recruitment, absence management, travel expense management or entry and exit modalities.
  • Evaluate, implement and/or further develop relevant HR instruments and systems (e.g. recruitment tool, absence management tool, expense tool, travel booking application, performance management application, etc.)

I support you with individual orders in form of a consulting or executing role for the following:

  • Elaboration or reviewing of working contracts
  • Developing or reviewing of working policies (e.g. expenses, working time, compensation&benefits, etc.)
  • Termination letters and testimonials
  • Working hours and absence management
  • Compensation and benefits programs
  • Leadership topics and respective challenges
  • International HR Management (e.g. working permits, tax, pension fund, etc.)
  • Social insurances
  • Personnel planning and recruitment

How I Work

I am determined to exceed your expectations by delivering practical solutions with high engagement and pragmatism, attention to detail and a creative approach.

When managing complex or strategic assignments your company’s values, needs and company culture are fundamental in order to develop scalable, efficient and sustainable solutions for your HR needs.

I develop in close cooperation with the relevant partners of your organization effective solutions to strengthen your organization.

Your deadlines and specifications are consequently integrated and carefully considered in the planning and execution.

Depending on your needs you can book me on an hourly or daily basis.


On our joint way towards HR Excellence I rely on competent and designated partners from my business network, specifically for topics which my services do not cover (e.g. Coaching, Team Development, Leadership Development, Relocation Services, etc.):

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